Our Vision For 2020

We’re all about using best practices to help your dealership sell cars and fill your service bay!  During this past year we focused on significantly improving the speed and performance of our web platform, crafting new tools that would help dealers during the slower economy, and providing service and support that was fast and friendly.  We achieved all of our goals and now look to 2020 with these goals in mind:

Websites – Continue Executing on the Fundamentals

We’ve learned over the last year that Vince Lombardi’s rule that “it all comes down to blocking and tackling” is as true for effective website design as it is for football.  We see a lot of OEM mandated web sites that are slow, cluttered with too many calls to action (CTAs), and performance that does not satisfy what Google looks for in a good website.  For 2020, we’re going to continue refining our technology in our web platform so that our dealer websites are fast and effective back up by our dedicated customer support.

Google My Business and Local SEO – Meeting Google’s Needs

Did you know that a complete Google My Business (GMB) listing gets 7x more clicks than an incomplete one?  If you want your dealer website to do well with local SEO, you need to do what Google wants: First, your mobile and desktop website versions need to be fast.  Second, you need to use Google My Business (GMB) well to promote your dealership and maximize local SEO (something most dealers don’t do), and third, you need to maintain your reputation.  We’re rolling out an affordable product and service combo to help you with all three!

Reputation Management – It is Everything to You!

Your online reputation is everything to your dealership.  If your GMB rating drops below 4.0, then you won’t be found if you’re a Honda dealership and a shopper types in “best Honda dealership near me”.  Our new SurgeRecon product will help you with your reputation. It is simple to use so that you staff don’t have a large learning curve.

Hispanic Advertising – Are you Missing Out?

Do you realize that many dealerships have 10s and 100s of thousands of Hispanic speakers within 25 miles of their dealership and they do nothing to market to them?  Did you also know that Univision estimates that new car sales to Hispanics will go up by 8% while the overall market will drop by 2%? We know these things and more.  That’s why we’ve partnered with a Hispanic advertising agency so you can target this community for your dealership. Just contact us, and our software will identify the number of Hispanics near your dealership and we can take it from there.

SurgeOffers – A New Sales Channel for You!

Did you know that people access their cell phones 80 times/day and average uses will tap or swipe their phone over 2,600 times/day. We want you to take advantage of you shoppers’ cell phones so 2020 we will start pushing SurgeOffers to the market. Why? It is simple: getting access to a user’s cell phone will give you access to them in order to say what you need to say to get them into your store.

The Full View

That’s it for how we’re going to approach 2020.  While we focus on the fundamentals, we’ll also ask you to let us be your partner in your success.  We don’t do this work to churn and burn as a vendor; We do it because we love seeing our dealer customers be successful.  That’s why our customer support is so responsive. When you need us, we’re there.

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