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Hispanic Digital Marketing - SpanishSEM and SpanishSocial

Open a new market for your dealership with Spanish language SEM and Spanish Social marketing.

Hispanic marketing doesn’t work by using Google translate. It requires knowledge of the culture, not just the language. Consequently, we’ve partnered with the premier Hispanic search engine and social marketing agency in the US.

  • Do you know what percentage of your local population speaks Spanish and do you market to them?
  • Do you how much new car sales to Hispanics is expect to grow in the next 5 years?
  • Do you know if that growth rate will be higher or lower than the total population?
Knowing the answers to these questions can show you how much opportunity there is with marketing to the Hispanic population.Don’t ignore a marketing opportunity that can help improve your bottom line! As a first step we’ll determine the size of your surrounding Hispanic market for free. If the Hispanic market is large enough, then we and the nation’s leading Hispanic Digital Marketing agency (Spanish Media) will work with you to target that market. If necessary, we’ll even help train your staff!

Organic Search and Google My Business - SurgeMyBusiness

Boost Your Reputation on Google, and Grab More Shoppers

When customers search for your business, the first thing they see is your Google My Business listing. Sites that optimize their GMB page get 7x more clicks than those that don’t.
  • Automatically gather reviews from happy customers (and feedback from the rest)
  • Instant notification of new reviews that need replies
  • Add Posts and Events to your Google My Business listing to keep the content fresh
  • Manage your Name, Address, and Phone Number information
  • A monthly call with a specialist to review the performance, provide analysis, and determine next steps

Website and Digital Strategy - SurgeWeb

We build lightweight sites that generate heavyweight conversions and sales.

Speed is critical, especially with mobile! More importantly, we’ll work with you to forge a digital strategy for your site and team. We’ll make sure your content and vehicles are optimized to perform well in Google and related searches.

We design and test our websites so that they perform well for Google, put your inventory and services front and center, and have clear calls to action.

We will monitor monthly reports for traffic, keyword performance, and leads to ensure that we build for success over time through monthly metrics, analysis, and recommendations on pushing your business to the next level.

Mobile Promotions - SurgeOffers

Keep your service bay full and car buyers walking in your door. Stay in touch with your customers and car shoppers via the most powerful device they own… their cell phone.

Have your shoppers take action on your promotional coupon by adding it to their mobile wallets for later use. Then, have the promo remind them based on when they’re close to your location, a competitor’s location or any grid that you setup.
Never miss another opportunity again, and have your ad spend count. Swap out promotional offers in a moment’s notice and have potential customers notified on their cell phones so that they can act now and spend their money with your dealership! And, after all this is done, be able to track redemptions and usage in detail.

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