The Team

Adam Dennis - SurgeMetrix

Adam Dennis

Sales and Digital Strategy

Adam disrupted traditional marketing models for auto dealers when he introduced a web platform to the automotive dealer market in the early 2000s through his startup called XIGroup. Adam guided XIGroup to a dominant footprint on the east coast of the US and eventually sold the company in 2005 to Dominion Dealer Solutions. Adam spent a number of years consulting until he was hired by Dominion as a Vice President of Software Development. After 6 years Adam caught the entrepreneur bug again and now does business as SurgeMetrix. SurgeMetrix's customers utilize its SEO, SEM and digital media services and web solutions.

Sean Stansell - SurgeMetrix

Sean Stansell

Product and Sales

Sean served with Adam at XIGroup and stayed with Dominion after XIGroup was sold. For many years he has served as a Product Manager and technical sales liaison in the industry. Sean provided the overall vision and high-level architecture of our platform, and managed its construction and growth. He has broad relationships within the industry.

Lauri Marshall - SurgeMetrix

Lauri Marshall

Accounts Ambassador

Lauri has been running customer support for our platform for many years and she loves working with dealers and dealer staff. Lauri has deep customer relationships and respect within the industry. Lauri will lead the expansion of our Customer Support as we grow the company.

Roger Volek Shelton - SurgeMetrix

Roger Volek Shelton

Software Engineering

Roger is a veteran senior software engineer with extensive experience managing Agile and Lean software teams. He is responsible for SurgeMetrix’s software engineering team as we expand its usability and functional capabilities and role out a new batch of products for our dealer customers..

Leslie Nanton - SurgeMetrix

Leslie Nanton

SEO Specialist and Support

Leslie has a rich history of experience working with optimizing web content for Google and other search engines. Leslie is a certified web master and lives and breathes SEO, keyword research, and localization of web content to increase its SEO appeal.

Barry Gunnels - SurgeMetrix

Barry Gunnels


For over a decade, Barry has been the creative force supporting our website product. From simple graphic updates to complete website restructuring, Barry works magic to help our clients achieve many of their web-related goals and requests.