Sell & service more cars through our
marketing platform.

Simple and fast sites with great SEO that connect shoppers to your dealership to help you sell more cars & fill your service bay.

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Keep your service bay full & drive walk-ins when potential customers drive by.

We build lightweight sites that generate heavyweight conversions and sales.

For some, long-term SEO success is found through a slow and steady build over time.

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Why the name SurgeMetrix?

SurgeMetrix is a marriage between two concepts: “Surge” because success is only found through relentless effort and drive; and “Metrix” because building successful websites can only be done by measuring results in detail for SEO, site performance and customer satisfaction. Measure results, adjust, improve, and then surge to win!

Our Core Deliverable

We build lightweight sites

that generate heavyweight conversions and sales.

Designed for Google and lightning fast so you don’t lose customer leads before they even see your site.

Your success is our success so we will work with you to ensure a great ROI. You don’t just get a website: you get a partner.

We are loyal to you. We will help you build your brand, not just the OEMs… no OEM offense intended.

Easy to understand VDPs and SRPs are critical if you want a shopper to become a customer.

Over 60% of shoppers start with a cell phone. We design responsive websites for furiously fast mobile performance.

Manage your in-stock vehicles, set pricing, upload photos, distribute to third-parties, and more.

Price your cars to match your business, and entice your customers, without updating prices every day.

We will optimize your content for search engines so your site can be a lead generating monster!

You can manage your content or have us do it. We’re here to help!

Using chat well can add a personal touch to your customer communications. We have that option for you!

We’ll setup your Google dashboard and teach you how to use it so you can track your success over time.

We're serious about your success

We don’t mess around… and we know you don’t either. We know that a car dealer website is a tool for you to get leads to sell and service cars.

Therefore, our platform is designed for speed, ease of use, and great Google performance. But we don’t stop there! We make tight apps that will help you sell cars and fill your service bay.  Next, our SEO experts will massage your content so that it is optimized for your customer’s searches and Google My Business.  Finally, we’ll even help you with Spanish language SEM and social marketing so that you don’t miss any part of your target market for sales.

We are your expert digital partner in your goal to sell cars and fill your service bay. This means that we build sites that must perform well. And if we believe that a design requested by you will hurt your ability to sell, we will tell you even if it risks losing you as a customer. We care that much!

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