Why THE NAME SurgeMetrix?

We use “Surge” because success is only found through relentless effort and drive. “Metrix” is used because building successful websites can only be done by measuring results in detail for SEO, site performance and customer satisfaction. Measure results, adjust, improve, and then surge to win!

We’re Serious
About Your Success

We don’t mess around… and we know you don’t either. We know that a website is a tool for you to get leads to sell and service cars.

Therefore, our platform is designed for speed, ease of use, and great Google performance. But we don’t stop there! Our SEO experts will massage your content so that it is optimized for your customer’s searches.

Finally, we are your expert digital partner in your goal to sell cars. This means that we build sites that must perform well. And if we believe that a design requested by you will hurt your ability to sell, we will tell you even if it risks losing you as a customer. We care that much!

What We
Will Do For You

  • Design a website that performs well for Google
  • Build sites that put your inventory and services front and center
  • Ensure that your brand is represented well
  • Work with you to forge a digital strategy for your site and team
  • Optimize your content and vehicles to perform well in Google and related searches
  • Monitor monthly reports for traffic, keyword performance, and leads to ensure that we build for success over time
  • Provide monthly metrics, analysis, and recommendations on pushing your business to the next level



Have a web site that performs well on any device without requiring any special code or configuration

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let us ensure that your site stays in top rankings organically

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Get help in target marketing your online success

History and The Core Team

SurgeMetrix’s core team was assembled when Dominion Dealer Solutions decided that they wanted a team that could be dedicated to, and exclusively focused on, its web customers. Consequently, Dominion asked Adam Dennis, the founder of one of the web solution companies that it purchased, to take over the business. Thus was born SurgeMetrix!
Adam assembled a core team that has deep roots in serving Dominion’s web customers. Lauri Marshall in Customer Support, Sean Stansell in Product, Barry Gunnels in Deployment, and Roger Volek-Shelton in software engineering are a dream team of experienced digital experts who will move this company forward.

Blog And Resources

App developers have priorities that range from making money to making great apps to making users stick around. One goal, though, makes all three possible – making apps that users love.
For a long time, this “features first” mindset has separated vendors and auto dealers from the needs of the consumer (or automotive consumer in my field).
Google uses over 200 factors to determine website relevancy , and now HTTPS has been thrown into the mix, with a rule that Google is calling “HTTPS Everywhere.”
For any business owner, keeping your dealership secure is vital. You need to do all you can to protect your records, marketing data, legal documents, and cash as well as your employees.

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