AntiguaRecon training in session

About AntiguaRecon

Our corporate commitments are much like our customer commitments… they are driven by our core philosophy that actions give words meaning. For our customers, this means that when we say we believe in consultative support, we do it, and often provide that support even when it might be against our interests. Our commitment is to the customer’s success.

For our corporate commitments, we believe strongly in a pay it forward philosophy that’s done by action, not words. Our leadership didn’t come from an advantaged position in life, but built everything they had based on hard work, smart thinking, and help from others along the way.

This thinking led to the creation of AntiguaRecon, a cybersecurity training program which:

  • Trains young adults on the small Caribbean island of Antigua as ethical hackers specializing in web based pentesting and social engineering.
  • Educates the students in Agile Scrum so that they can adopt a continual learning philosophy in their career, as well as be able to demonstrate Agile Scrum knowledge and practices.
  • Supports the students through volunteer expert cybersecurity mentors so that their learning is given proper context.
  • Teaches the students the same pay it forward philosophy so that each class supports the following class in their learning.
  • Builds skills so that the students can find work nearshoring to the US, Canada, and around the Caribbean.

AntiguaRecon was launched in January 2022 by Adam Dennis, our founder, who serves as the lead trainer and organizer.

There are 16 students in the program, with 8 having continued since last year. Their skills have advanced such that they finished their first paid bug bounty uncovering a series of vulnerabilities much like you would need to find for fulfilling the Safeguards Rule requirements.

The goal of the program is to begin offering web based pentesting, simulated phishing, vulnerability scanning, and cybersecurity awareness training by the end of June 2023.

Progress is found through the relentless pursuit of excellence, something the AntiguaRecon students now demonstrate every day.

If anyone is interested in supporting AntiguaRecon, or engaging the program for cybersecurity services, contact us or call 954.507.6468.

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