About Us

SurgeMetrix’s team DNA is rooted in over 20 years of providing software and service solutions to auto dealers and other industries. Customer support is not an afterthought, but at the core of how we think at all times.
We love what we do. We enjoy helping our customers succeed. We make sure that our solutions provide a solid ROI for our customers and that our customer support is unparalleled in its commitment to customer success.
We build our software with pride and a relentless commitment to ease-of-use and performance. This is why our web platform out-performs every other automotive web platform on the market for speed and Google optimization.
We are always searching for ways to improve positive outcomes for our customers. This quest is why we offer Hispanic Marketing solutions and software for our customers. The Hispanic market is an untapped future for businesses that recognize that it is always best to market to your customers on their terms if you want to succeed.
Our approach to everything we do is rooted in the “What does good look like?” philosophy. We apply it to our software engineering standards, our services, and how we run our company.

Adam Dennis


Adam has over 20 years managing SaaS based companies and working with automotive dealers and other industries. Adam is a serial entrepreneur with SurgeMetrix being his third company. Adam’s job involves a lot of talking on the phone, planning new solutions with Sean, and keeping the company humming along. He is obsessive about solving problems and identifying new ways he can help his customers. In his private life, Adam enjoys spending time with his two daughters and wife Nicole cooking, hiking, gardening and raising chickens.

Sean Stansell

Product and Business Development

Sean started with Adam’s last SaaS company right out of college and has been working with auto dealers ever since. He has done just about every job possible in a website company, from developer to customer support, to product management, from marketing to cleaning the toilets. When not working, you can find Sean and his two small children buried in Legos.

Roger “Wiz Kid” Volek Shelton


Roger lives and breaths coding. His roots in developing solutions for the auto industry go back over 10 years. As the Director of Dominion’s Web Services, Roger asked “What does good look like?” and transformed the web platform’s code into a highly scalable rapid response model that laid the foundation for our products today. The other Roger, known best to his young daughter Faye, is a great Dad who excels at playing with dolls and being a guest at Faye’s tea parties.

Lauri Marshall

Client Success

The three things that Lauri is known for is her hearty laugh, ability and drive to help customers quickly, and the strong affection many customers express for her when they talk about her services. Lauri has been helping customers succeed for over 12 years. Aside from ensuring that all of our customers receive the best possible service, she is also tasked daily with trying to keep the rest of this leadership team in line. She is the “Mother” both in and out of work. She devotes her life to her two grown children, her husband and caring for her Mother.

Barry “The Man” Gunnels

Design and Deployment

Barry never loses his cool no matter what the challenge. He helps launch new solutions for customers all the time, adjusting things to always meet our customers needs. His Design and Deployment chops run over 10 years deep so if he’s helping you out, you can be sure things will go well. When not working for SurgeMetrix, Barry can be found as a Master Handyman fixing things around his home in Tennessee.