AI Enhanced SEO and Your Google Business Profile

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Wow! You use AI to improve Google Business Profiles and SEO!?

Yes, but first let’s talk about why SEO is important.

First, doing SEO costs a lot less than paid search .

Second, the #1 result in Google gets around 32% of all clicks .

Third, 60% of the top 10 Google results pages are 3+ years old. Moral of the story: Great SEO has longevity.

Fourth, 28% of local searches lead to a purchase.

And, finally, a technical and well structured SEO strategy creates organic success and makes you money.

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So how important is your GBP to your SEO strategy?

  1. Sites that optimize their GBP get 7x more clicks than those that don’t.
  2. Google currently owns 90% of the search market and your GBP is central to its local SEO strategy.
  3. 90% of online shoppers see a review as important as a personal recommendation. Good reviews make you money!
  4. 86% of people will hesitate to purchase from a business that has negative online reviews. No kidding… So, it’s important to keep negative reviews to a minimum on your GBP (and elsewhere).
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Ok, I’ll bite. How can you help me optimize my GBP?

There’s a lot, but here’s the short barside chat pitch. We’ll…

  1. Audit how you’re doing with your SEO and GBP efforts to identify a messaging strategy that tells a unique story about your dealership.
  2. Ensure that your GBP account is properly set up to protect you against any lost opportunities or issues. This is critical!
  3. Use AI, and old fashioned smarts based on 20 years in the auto industry, to create optimized content for great organic performance.
  4. Work with you to regularly update your GBP account with posts, photos, etc… and collect personalized content to help you tell your own story with style!
  5. Activate Google’s Cars for Sale inventory so that your inventory can be displayed on your GBP.
  6. Help you manage your reviews, whether manually or automatically, to get more good reviews (and respond to them too)!
  7. Make sure that your dealer website is configured well for SEO.
  8. Track your success making adjustments based on data collected. We live for data that supports your ROI!
  9. And, we can even create Spanish language content if you are marketing to the Hispanic community

Shared Success!

It’s all in the details. Check out the business profile data to the right and you will see a serious boost in activity from July to September 2022. How did we do this? It’s simple. The business name was incomplete and left out a critical phrase that had some serious organic power to it. This simple change propelled our dealer from the fourth to the first page of their respective map pack...increasing their GBP profile interaction by 58% in the span of a a hard-to-crack, major metropolitan area. It’s a jump of 78% compared to the same time period last year!

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