Sniper Grade Digital Advertising Apps

Sniper Grade Digital Marketing Apps

Why Facebook Ads and Mobile Phone Marketing are Important to You


Mobile Phone Marketing:

How VINDriverTM Works for Facebook Advertising

  • VINDriverTM automatically creates Facebook ads from your in-stock vehicles on your dealer website.
  • It then targets in-market shoppers with the vehicles that they were researching on other car sites with your VIN specific ads and drives ad clicks straight to your VDPs and sales funnel.
  • If a shopper clicks through to the VDP, but doesn’t submit a lead, it continues retargeting them. We’re relentless… for you!

How SurgeOffersTM Works for Mobile Marketing

  • Create an offer using our easy-to-use SurgeOffers web app.
  • Add the code snippet to any mobile optimized landing page.
  • Celebrate as you track users who add to Apple Wallet or Google Pay.
  • Push changes to your offer at any time and update your user’s phone.
  • Identify and geofence competitors so that your offer pops up on your customer’s lock screen when they get within 1 kilometer of the competitor.
  • When the customer comes to your dealership to redeem your offer, the offer will pop up on their lock screen so you can easily scan and record it to track your success.

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